Oral Piercings: What You Should Know

A body piercing is just what it sounds like — a piercing or puncture made in the body by a needle. After that, a piece of jewelry is inserted in the hole. Commonly pierced body parts are the ears, nose, and the belly button. Oral piercings include the lip, cheek, and tongue. When a piercing is healed, some people will choose to expand the size of the hole to wear certain types of jewelry, including plugs and tunnels. Stretching should be done in small increments to decrease the chance of damage to the piercing and scarring. If you’re thinking about getting pierced, do your research first. If you’re under 18, some places won’t allow you to get a piercing without a parent’s permission, and some require that a parent be present during the piercing.

If you already have piercings:

Piercings might be more common than ever, but don’t take piercing lightly. Know the risks and understand basic safety precautions and aftercare steps. Piercings are popular, especially among adolescents and young adults. But piercings can cause complications.

We studied a year-old man with a pierced tongue, who arrived at Memorial Extensive tattoos on the shoulders, arms, and upper torso dated back 3 years.

A thousand years ago, the Mayan ruling class pierced their tongues for sacred blood-letting rituals. Today, tongue piercing is body art, a social statement, and to some an erotic enhancement. Whatever your motive, be smart, be sure, and be safe so that jewel at the tip of your tongue is a pleasure, not a pain. As with most subjects in life, tongue piercing dos and don’ts are open to some debate. Some people will swear by one method of cleaning their piercing, others will warn you away from the very same method.

As you review the suggestions below, keep an open mind and realize you may have to experiment a little to find out what works for you. Some tips obviously ought to be followed, especially ones that have to do with sanitary methods. Others leave a little wiggle room. When in doubt, ask your piercer for advice. If you are careful and choose a true licensed professional, you should be in good hands.

The sex pros and cons of piercing

We hope that this letter finds you and your family in good health. We are excited to be re-opening our office on Monday, May 11, and cannot wait to see your smiles! Over the last few months there have been mandated protocols put in place. These new safety protocols will create a different experience for you when you come into our office. Although, the experience is not be what you are accustomed to, the service you will receive will be the same service you have always received from our team.

All the of the protocols that are in place are in the best interest of all our safety and health.

I told you my opinion about tongue piercing, but then you had it done anyway. I’m also Tell your son, as you did, to remove his tongue ring.

However, I have many friends who have various parts of their body pierced — and most of them have great things to say about their piercings. The most common part pierced for sexual pleasures is the tongue. I am told it does not really hurt to have the tongue pierced, and the benefits are somewhat obvious. When used for oral sex , the small metal ball or tongue ring that is on the tip of the ring will add pressure, tease, and bring a new sensation to the experience for your lover.

People that use them seem to get off on the fact that their partner enjoys oral sex so much. Meanwhile, the one on the receiving end usually also loves the power of the tongue ring. For some extra fun, you can drink something warm or suck on some ice prior to performing oral. This will change the temperature of both your mouth and the tongue ring for added effect. When it comes to other parts, I can tell you that a piercing will make that particular part of your body part more sensitive.

For example, people who have their nipples pierced find it highly arousing to have their nipples toyed with during sex or anytime, really. The same can be said for men brave enough to have a penis piercing and women that go with labia or clitoral hood piercings. An interesting side story that just might answer your question comes courtesy of a friend of mine who once worked in a piercing parlor. The girl already had several piercings in that area and had decided to add one more.

Tongue piercing as risk factor to periodontal health.

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Oftentimes, parents allow teens to pierce their tongues because the metal bar is impermanent. In addition, tongue bars are not as visually apparent as a tattoo or​.

It was one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time. Maybe it was years ago, or maybe it was yesterday — at some point in your past life you had your tongue pierced and a metal bolt inserted. But now you are wondering whether you made a bad decision. If you have the bolt removed from your tongue, will your mouth go back to being the way it was before the piercing? The answer is yes, your oral health will improve when you remove a tongue bolt.

There are many reasons for this. Your tongue has a rich blood vessel supply to fuel its energy needs and heals quickly. Some people suffer from chronic pain as long as the bolt is in place. In addition to pain, tongue piercing is associated with other risks. The bolt can chip your teeth or cause tooth sensitivity.

It can also cause your gums to recede from your teeth. You may also suffer from inflammation and infection in your gums.

17 Celebrities With Pierced Tongue

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So a tongue piercing suggests high levels of commitment and a pretty active ITV2 has a new dating show coming called ‘The Cabins’ and.

I would never date a girl with piercings. Um, OK. Let’s not date, then. Plenty of people do like bemetalled women, so never mind. I’m sure we can cope with your loss to our gene pool. Did that hurt? Of course it hurt. Someone shoved a huge needle through my flesh Bonus points to anyone who still asks this despite the fact they have pierced ears themselves. And ultra bonus points if their baby has pierced ears too.

Tongue Piercing Do’s and Don’ts

Oral piercings are a popular form of self-expression. While people think they look cool, they can be hazardous to your health. For instance, your mouth and tongue could swell so much that you close off your airway or you could possibly choke if part of the jewelry breaks off in your mouth. Oral piercing could also lead to more serious infections, like hepatitis or endocarditis.

What are oral piercings? Oral piercings are any piercings of the tongue, lips, cheek or uvula.

mummified body discovered to date even had piercings! Ancient African cultures pierced lips and tongues, while nose and ear piercings were popular in ancient.

The lawsuit, filed last week in Los Angeles Superior Court, cited a new California law prohibiting employers from firing employees for lawful conduct outside of work. Haudenshield said she was shocked because the stud was not visible to another person unless she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, which she did not do when conversing with others, Allred said.

Haudenshield was told not to return to work unless she removed the stud. On Sept. Today Oakwood agreed to reinstate Haudenshield to her job effective the date she was fired. In addition Oakwood will pay her salary from her firing date through Nov. The incident will be removed from her file and she will continue to receive benefits including an discounted employee rental rate, Allred said.

Oakwood spokesman Bob Philips confirmed that the company had settled with Haudenshield. Shows Good Morning America.

Oral piercing: A risky fashion

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Received Date: November 25, ; Accepted Date: January 17, ; Published It is clear that the tongue piercing might be a risk factor for local periodontal.

Piercing invades subcutaneous areas and has a high potential for infectious complications. The number of case reports of endocarditis associated with piercing is increasing. We studied a year-old man with a pierced tongue, who arrived at Memorial Health University Medical Center with fever, chills, rigors, and shortness of breath of 6 days duration and had an aortic valvuloplasty for correction of congenital aortic stenosis. Body piercing poses a risk for serious disease. Because it invades subcutaneous areas, piercing has a high potential for infectious complications.

Such complications result from introduction of skin or mucous membrane microflora into subcutaneous tissue or from the ongoing presence of colonies of these microflora at the piercing site. Pain, edema, and prolonged bleeding may occur immediately after piercing 1 , and a cyst, scar, or keloid may form at the piercing site. Skin lesions or anatomic abnormalities at the site of piercing, as well as valvular heart disease, are risk factors for complications 2. Staphylococcal endocarditis of the mitral valve after nasal piercing 3 , Neisseria endocarditis after tongue piercing 4 , and Staphylococcus epidermidis endocarditis and mastitis following nipple piercing have been reported 5.


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