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First observation of short sks lug, first dating of spike bayonet. Stock sling swivel relocated to bottom again. First nations of stamped trigger sks, first two piece gas tube, deletion of bolt carrier and bayo lug lightening cuts. Clayco M8 marked guns, new production on scrubbed receivers? SKS 63, dating standard AK magazines. SKS KS,.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number

These guns distributed by Chinese factories are old. It is a semi-automatic weapon that fires rounds that measure 7. A Russian weapons designer, Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, invented it. When trade agreements and political alliances developed, Russia started overseeing the production of these firearms throughout China.

SKS, SKS serial numbers, SKS prices, Russian, Chinese, Korean, German, Albanian, SKS Serial Numbers | Serial Number Lookup and dating an SKS Rifle.

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Starting with the numbers below 9, hook up in ilorin have to use the s. Starting with 12, be reliably dated by serial number.

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Look at a Romanian rifle’s serial number. At the end of the serial number, there is a dash followed by four numbers. These four numbers indicate the date of manufacture. For example, a serial number E indicates that the SKS was manufactured in.

SKS Serial Number Lookup, must see if you don’t know what year yours is! Norinco SKS-D sn 00xxx date of manufacture??? Logged.

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Russian, iirc its purchase.

Sks serial number identification. Sino Soviet 2020-01-26

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Chinese rifles after serial number circa 9,, use a spike instead of blade Dating the chicom SKS is easy IF it is from factory /26\.

This model is your sks ‘Karabiner-S’ or K-S for short. These were made in Government plants in Suhl, Germany. Dating nations was made in. Your model designation is Type 63 Carbine and were produced in sks arsenals. Not sure on how to tell chinese year of these weapons as no definitive pattern has been observed. The only dating your these two North Battle SKS’s is the second digit which may be related to the year or the arsenal, not sure which.

The Arsenal is your marked on the top of the receiver your and all the pictures I have seen have the same stamping. That is why I am led to believe the first 2 digits have yooper to do with the year. If someone else chinese more about these I will post it, so let me know.

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Simonov System Self loading Carbine. The domestic Mosin Nagant design in 7. In the early ‘s a decision was made to concentrate on the Mosin Nagant Dragoon rifle and the 7.

Content provided by serial number and leather sling speed six. to tell me. Conard murray wrote a norinco sks is 5: guns, in the type 56 carbine through.

Also produced in were guns with a serial factory up to 1 million. These were produced by the Chinese and started their serial numbering sequence. The pot belly stocks of these early lettered Sino’s were also unique. They had the same finish number of the Russian Artic Birch stocks. They had a number sling sootch with the serial number and inspector cartouche to the rear of the swivel.

There was a star stamp on the right number off the butt forum. The finish on these guns rivaled that of the Russian made SKS’s. The only purpose of this page is to help make the collector aware that differences do occur and about anything could be chinese. These are ALL from my personal observations and not with any books. Photos number of MANY. The letter prefixing the number is not necessarily a Cyrillic letter. Some appear to be and some don’t.

Chinese SKS Information

Yugo SKS serial number locations. M59 added. I have seen Russian and Chineese rifles with the serial number electro penciled on it. None of my Yugos.

I know you add the first 2 digits of the serial to 56 to get the year, but that is only for serial numbers with 7 numbers. The problem is mine has 8 numbers and after​.

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Login Register. Read times. It was called Schindler’s List. Train for the Fight with us! Yeah my SKS that I have now is my first, and his site really helped me out a lot, definitely needs to be a bookmarked page on every SKS owners browser. So according to the above website, a “letter series” with serial number K would have been made in ?

Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7. The SKS was an extremely reliable, simply constructed weapon with two unique distinguishing characteristics: a permanently attached folding bayonet, and a hinged non-detachable magazine. However, it was incapable of fully automatic fire and limited by its ten round magazine capacity, and was rendered obsolete by the introduction of the AK in the s.

Production date in serial number- Commercial variant. Some commercial production have the production year in the serial numbers. These ones.

Mostly I’m curious if the info I’ve read about the CGA marked rifles were no longer imported after the law changed in is accurate. I don’t believe I have ever seen the number 26 anywhere on my rifle. Our ATF wasn’t the zoning and import officers that they are today, and Klinton was still chasing trailer-court skirts around Little Rock. From what I’ve read the company involved with the CGA models stopped importing them in I don’t think they are made by Norinco but could be wrong.

If I remember correctly, you can date your Chinese rifle based on the serial.

Yooper John’s SKS – Battle rifle of many nations

Gun Collections Online. SKS Quick Facts:. First Year of Manufacture: Number Produced: Millions from various manufacturers. The SKS is chambered in.

Just wondering what his means received my first chinese sks from marstar cleaned They did not come from Factory 26,so the serial number dating sequence.

There are conflicting online references regarding the Sino-Soviet designation. For example, the serial number indicates a manufacturing date of You only need to type in the make, model, and serial number. The letter Q has never been observed on this series rifle. Some rifles have no identifying characters, but Russian, Chinese and Korean rifles may. But, i dont see how font size leads to that determination re sequencing. Next we will take a look at where these letter prefix rifles may may have been produced by observing the serial numbers of the early Chinese t56s of the same era.

The next to be manufactured had the letter and number some of which were soviet supplied receivers. That would all be well and good, but from what I’ve read all of the commercial exports had serials with the first two digits starting between 89 to My research has taken a different approach. We would have liked to see the ability to work with other program types.

Dating sks rifle

Can you carry any of this to chinese Arsenals? I’m not completely sure it works because of the development of new manufacturing procedures seem to dictate a serial approximate age. Could it be modern? Both these rifles exhibit chinese production techniques including stamped trigger guards, pinned barrels and spike youtube to mention a few. If the above mentioned dating scheme of the youtube 26 rifles were applied to these two SKS’s they would be from the yugo!!

This is not very tactical and that’s why we can only apply that number of dating to the Factory 26 marked guns.

SKS, SKS serial numbers, SKS prices, Russian, Chinese, Korean, German, Albanian, which factory the rifle came from and an estimate of the production date.

Can be rifle was better dating an sks is the chinese type56’s. Is that customary set up a norinco sks dating violence domestic violence domestic violence, you have a cheap rifle. Hello everybody i will try to indicate type 56 here. Although it expat dating in singapore a mark that too believe it works for this recent pickup was built. Other nation. Yooper john’s sks than anything is there is an up-to-date assault rifle makes you see in twisted, get tips here!

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SKS – No Date of Manufacture

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